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Parent Handbook


Here are some suggestions to make your child's experience as great as it can be. 


1. Always be on time! If you can come just a few minutes early it will give your child time to change their clothes and feel settled and ready to learn. Encourage your child to use the bathroom and wash their hands before class!


2. Students may wear a leotard, or tight-fitting, flexible clothes such as leggings or shorts, and a t-shirt or cami. I don't want their shirts falling over their faces when they go upside down! Please no socks or footed tights for gymnastics. We have gymnastics leotards for sale at the gym.



3. Long hair should be pulled back for gymnastics. A braid or two ponytails or braids usually work well, as you don't want a big lumpy bun they have to roll over (at least for the little ones). Big buns work great for dancers though!


4. You will be automatically reenrolled in class for the next month so that you won't lose your place in the class. Please notify us before the 15th of the month if you will not be attending the next month in order to avoid being charged for the next month.


5. You may stay and watch, or you may go run errands. Whatever works best for you and for your child! If they still need help in the bathroom (leotards are hard!!), you should stay for the class.


6. Healthy snacks before class are great. Fruit (fresh or dried) is perfect! Cheese or yogurt, nuts, and jerky are good additions to the fruit. Please avoid desserts and sugary drinks!!

7. If your child is sick, STAY HOME!!! You may bring them in for a make-up class once they have recovered. Leftover coughs from last-week's cold are okay, but no fresh or green snot, please.

7. Dance footwear: sneakers or tennis shoes for Hip Hop. Ballet slippers or socks for ballet. Talk with your teacher about specialized shoes for other classes, or if you have questions about shoes.

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