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Scholarship Options for Financial Need

Head Over Heels doesn't have much margin financially - we have a lot of expenses we must meet - and we don't have money set aside for scholarships. However, if a child in the Mission Valley would benefit greatly from our classes and is unable to participate due to financial hardship, I would very much like to help make that child's participation a possibility. I have needs for which I could trade tuition. For instance, I'd like a sparkling clean gym and if you are a good cleaner I could work out a full or partial trade with you. I also have several  carpentry/construction projects with which I need assistance. If you are a good builder I would definitely be willing to trade work for tuition. If you are a good teacher and have a skill I'd like taught, or if your child is old enough to teach younger kids. . . we might be able to work out a deal. Even if you don't think you're good at anything, please contact me and I am happy to consider your situation and try to work out an agreement that would allow your child to participate.

My personal phone number is 406-270-9824 and my email is

Respectfully Yours,

 Jessica Edwards

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