A Huge New Gym

  • The cost of purchasing the building, and doing the remodeling required will be approximately $490,000. We need a 25% down payment which is $122,500. We have saved $55,000, leaving us with $67,500 yet to raise, hopefully by October 3rd. We would be delighted to receive gifts to go toward the downpayment through the Go Fund Me page, or on Venmo, or by check, but we would also be happy to consider borrowing money from you. If you have some money to invest in a small, local business, please contact me and I will talk details with you. I have a business plan to share with you in order to help you evaluate the security of your investment. 

  • We will have a lot of work to do on the building to fix it up to be a welcoming family activity center. Do you have construction skills? Can you paint? Can you clean? Can you demolish things? We can use your help!!! 

  • Call Jessica at 406-270-9824 or email info@headoverheelsmontana.com to help.