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Head Over Heels Montessori Preschool


February Newsletter! (Click on PDF above)

Hello, my name is Roxy McDermott, I am elated to be taking this journey in your child’s life. The Preschool years are the most formative years in a child’s life. I don’t take that lightly. I love what I do and the children I get to work with. I was first introduced to the Montessori Method in 1991 when I took a job as a Teacher’s assistant at a Montessori School in Auburn Washington. I instantly fell in love with how the children moved throughout the classroom that was prepared just for them. They were able to use all their senses to learn. There was a freedom that I had never experienced in a school or childcare facility. It was beautiful how the children would work with their materials and engage in lessons with joy and focus. It was an easy choice for me to pursue the courses I needed to become a certified Montessori Preschool teacher. From day one in my Montessori Preschool journey, my Mission has not wavered. My hope is to offer each child the opportunity to realize his or her potential, to promote and instill self-confidence and independence. To create opportunities where they will seek and enjoy cooperation with others, that the child will gain a sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions. To have an environment that lets them foster their creative intelligence and imagination. And more than anything, I hope to instill a joy of work and a love of learning.

Thank you again, for the honor in sharing your child’s journey in education and enlightenment.





Please look over the schedule and the options available for full or part time participation. You can choose your favorite days and register and pay online. You will pay for each month part way through the previous month with automatic payments. When you register in the summer you will pay for September's tuition which will serve as your deposit to hold your spot. 


Looking forward to a great year,


Jessica Edwards - 406.270.9824




Montessori Summer Camp 2024

On your parent account select "Booking," and "Book a Camp," and select the Six Week Montessori option.


Fall 2024 Tuition and Calendar:


Monthly Tuition is as follows:   


Full Days Mon-Friday morning     $677

4 Full Days                                       $605

3 Full Days                                       $499

5 Half Days                                      $419

Mon/Wed Full Days                        $392

Tue/Thur Full Days                         $392

4 Half Days                                      $323

3 Half Days                                      $254

Mon/Wed Half Days                       $202

Tue/Thur Half Days                        $202

Friday Mornings Only (for young students) $104


When Available: Drop-in rate is $22 per ½ day (lunch hour $6) or $40 per full day.


Early drop-off and late pick-up are available, but they must be arranged in advance to be sure we have appropriate staffing. Following is the fee schedule for extended care.

Early drop-off and/or late pick-up:

x2 days = $64 per month, x3 = $74 month, x4 = $84 month


Please note: the number of school days in a month may vary in length due to the layout of the calendar, holidays, your own sick days or vacation days, or snow days. Please consider these monthly tuition prices as payments for the entire school year from September through May,  divided into uniform monthly payments. We will start classes on Tuesday, September 2nd, the day after Labor Day, and continue through Thursday, May 30th. I will publish our holiday schedule shortly. Our last day of school and end-of-year party will be Thursday, May 29th.

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