Montessori Preschool Sample Schedule

8:30-8:50am: drop off

9:00am: (promptly) Circles begin,

The "Mountain" Room will have lessons pertaining to sensorial studies and practical life, or there will be a group activity (music, art, cooking, etc.)

The "Lake" Room will have calendar activities, Math, Science, Language and Geography Lessons

*There may be days the children will begin with an all-class introduction or lesson in the "Mountain" Room.


9:15am: Focus Work Time for first 20 min, with one to one and small group lessons (2-4 students)

*Focus work time is when the child works independently.


9:45am: "Mountain" Room will have Story/Music Time while preparing for their snacks.

(Prepare tables for snack, potty and wash hands)

They will then help clean tables and set them up for the incoming group.


9:50am: "Lake" Room children will circle and have Story/Music time as they prepare for snack (potty and wash hands)


10:00am: Groups switch rooms, each group will participate in the same lessons and or activities as in the first half of the morning. The incoming “Lake” Group will begin with their snack.


11:15am:  Move It Time: this can vary from instruction or free choice gymnastics activities in the building, to taking a walk with the rope, dancing games, outside play, etc.


11:30am:  Morning pick up. All day students will prepare for and have lunch (children bring packed lunch)


12:10pm:  Move It Time and Creative Play time.


12:15pm:  Afternoon Children arrive (Drop-off routine is the same as am drop off, except children may join in with Move It and Creative Play time.)


12:30pm:  Lesson Circles repeated with variations.

The rest of the day flows similarly to the morning but with the option of a quiet/nap time for young students who need that downtime. Time Transitions as follows:


1:40pm:  Room change


3:00pm:  Move It Time


3:20pm-3:30pm: Pick-up time