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Montessori Preschool Sample Schedule

8:30- 8:50am drop off - children take shoes off at door and hang up coats. Indoor shoes/skid proof
slippers are put on. Temperature is taken. Backpacks and lunches (if all day students) are put in their
places. Children will wash their hands and join their friends.
9:00am (promptly) Morning Meeting Circle begins in the dance room. This is just a quick meeting to
center all the students in one gathering. We may sing a song or two and/or have a quick discussion on
what to expect in the day.
9:10 am Children are divided into 3 groups. Each group will rotate through our three learning spaces. This
keeps the groups smaller and gives each child an opportunity to work in each area with each of the
The Center Room will have lessons pertaining to Practical Life, some Language and Math as well as
there may be a group activity with art, science, and/or cooking. A bathroom check will happen while the
children are in this room.
The Dance Room will have calendar activities along with an assortment of Math, Science, Language and
Sensorial activity choices.
The Montessori Room is set up with many of the Montessori Materials. Lessons are given in a group for
the main study topics. (Such as the “Continent of the month”) Individual lessons are given as needed in
Language, Math, Science, Geography, and Sensorial.
In each of the areas the children will have many learning materials to choose from on the shelves, along
with the care of a committed and loving teacher to guide them where needed.
9:40am: First Rotation
10:15am: There is a merging of all students for Story/Music Time. Younger students have shorter stories
and songs, while the older children stretch their focus skills with longer stories.
Snack preparing will be happening while the children are in these circle/s. (A bathroom check is done at
this time)
10:30am Snack
10:45am Last Rotation
11:15am Move it Time, this can vary from taking a walk with the rope, playing outside, playing in the
Gym, or dancing games in the Dance Room.
11:30am: Morning pick up. All day students will prepare with bathroom check and hand washing for
lunch (children bring packed lunch)
12:10pm- Move it Time
12:30pm- Lesson Circle in Montessori Room. The rest of the work time will be spent in this room as well
as the Center Room. Teachers will give more individual or small group lessons during this time.
Rest time for those who need a little nap will be in the Dance Room.
2:30pm-Move it TIME
3:15pm Story Time
3:30pm School Day ends, Pick-up time

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