Our new facility at 36004 Memory Lane is under construction. It is going to be amazing! On August 10th I'll open enrollment for Dance, Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Mountain Climbers classes. I am hoping that dance can begin in September, and the other classes in October or November, as soon as we get the back building ready. If you enroll in a class your spot will be saved even if the class doesn't actually begin until later.
Feel free to wait until we are actually open to enroll - the reason I'll open enrollment beforehand is to give you opportunity to plan your schedule in advance and get first shot at the classes you prefer. So check back in on August 10th!
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Osprey Team 2018

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Osprey Team 2017

Our Montessori Preschool
Is full for the year.
If you'd like to get on a waiting list, please
call 406-872-2000 or email info@headoverheelsmontana.com

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Osprey Team 2019


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